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[note: title links are to Amazon, but that's just for convenience.  get a copy wherever you can: try the library, or hunt for used copies on the web.]

title The Springboard: How Storytelling Ignites Action in Knowledge-Era Organizations
author Stephen Denning
"telling stories" is not a frivolous pastime--it's a critically important way to capture precious learnings, share them, make them memorable...and motivate others.  One authority has observed that actually "stories tell the man" rather than the other way around.  But great storytelling is probably not exactly what you think....Denning has it nailed.
title Influence: Science and Practice
author Robert Cialdini
highly recommended for everyone--lucid analysis and compelling examples explain the methods of advertising, negotiation, persuasion and coercion.  Learn to keep your guard up and be assertive.
title The Monk and the Riddle
author Randy Komisar
don't mistake this book as "just a parable"--it is really about selling your ideas, and more deeply about selling yourself by discovering your real passion
title Words on Words: A Dictionary for Writers and Others Who Care About Words
author John B. Bremner
it's a dictionary of correct usage; when using words or phrases that you are not absolutely sure about, check this reference first and you won't embarrass yourself.  This is a classic.  My brother, a journalist, gave it to me long ago.  Since then I have bought copies for my other office and for gifts to others.

2002 Michael E. Doherty