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Over many years I have seen a tremendous number of presentations--in business meetings, at professional society meetings, training seminars, conferences, after-dinner presentations, the dreaded after-lunch presentations, vendor pitches, dissertation defenses, pre-hire reviews, and student showcases...to name a few!  By and large I've mostly been impressed with how poor the quality is... and how oblivious or nonchalant the presenters were to the improvement opportunities.  I've also see some really excellent ones by skilled people.  I believe the difference is not "talent" but "learned and practiced skill."

I had a lot of experience, with debating in high school, speaking competition in college, and a lot of formal classroom teaching as an undergraduate.  Later, in the business world, I was fortunate enough to have some excellent training by  specialists who really knew their stuff.

I've summarized some of my most important learning for you:

"Be The Star" - a Guide to Effective Presentations (html)

"Be The Star" - a Guide to Effective Presentations (MS Word)

"Be The Star" - a Guide to Effective Presentations (pdf)   

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